Wednesday, September 29, 2010

School :/

So here's what happened at school today!
It was an early release day, but when you are running on not a wink of sleep it can seem like the longest day of your life. Also, because of the wanna be tropical storm but wont gain that extra few miles per hour wind speed, I thought it was going to rain. So did everyone else obviously because me and the entire school dress for rain and puddles. I saw rain boots, umbrellas and so much more. But did it rain? Not at all. Anyway, so today:
*I won a slinky in a boy vs. girls trivia game. Obviously the girls won. We won by saying "Pop culture of 500" and getting it right! We were pretty good at U.S. History too. ANYWAY!
*I worked on a boat load of vocabulary in English class, oh joy...not.
*I watched a video on "Deaf President NOW!" in American Sign Language, which was very interesting to see Deaf people protesting and marching and signing with rage. Very interesting.
*It history I had to recite part of the Declaration of Independence...good thing she let us hold a paper with the words on it in case we got lost. I needed it.
*Math was....math. I don't really like that teacher much...all we did was take notes anyway..
*Lunch was fun though, I sat on the ground and talked to my good friend Dylan about how he was, how his day had been going, talking and was good.
*Earth Space Science is USUALLY my least favorite class...but not today. We had an awesome substitute!
*Family Dynamic was fun, we learned about friendships and relationships. Then some Senior came to talk to us about her hard life she has had. It was...interesting!

Then once the bell rang I rushed to my mom's car and got home as fast as possible because I was hungry, tired as heck and my head was pounding as if my brain was trying to escape from my skull and ramming itself into the inner walls of my head. As soon as I got home I took medicine, ate some food, and crashed within ten minutes. It was a pretty successful day if I do say so myself.

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