Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick Pic Update!

Update in four pics!
Went to the homecoming game!
First pic: Cheyenne, she's one of my closest friends. Pretty right? Heart.
Second pic: Ya'll should know Skye...and yes, we are weird!
I went to my first concert ever, in my LIFE! It rocked my socks off!!!! :D
First Pic(bottom): Lead singer of Camerae. One of my new fav bands. They were a opening act!
Second pic(bottom): BEFORE YOU EXIT! The concert stars! Haha. In front you see Riley, after him is Connor, in the back is Braiden. And you cant see their drummer Thomas buuut he was there too! Obviously!
What else to quickly update you on?!
Oh! I started doing virtual school, lovin it. I'll explain more later..
I have a boyfriend...
You'll eventually hear more about him!
But for now...
That's your Quick Pic Update! :D

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