Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love Me, Or Hate Me.

It's not just a name, It's me.
Fourth line of Alex's, first girl. I've been different since birth.
As a sophmore in high school, life gets hectic...but I know, I know..."this is just the beginning."

Let's tell you a little bit about myself. Here we go:
I love life and I take it as it comes, though it's rough I look forward to whatever's ahead of me. Like I said, I'm a sophmore in high school, and I'm loving it, to say the least! I love singing, dancing(for fun), reading and writing. I love meeting new people, learning about things I know nothing about, and hearing peoples opinions that differ from mine. Movies are my passion, I watch one at least every night. I have a crazy obsession with Star Wars, and musicals. Friends are a huge part of my life and I'm cherish them with every breath I take. Lets see...what are some things I don't like? For starters I hate the sound of people chewing their food, or gum. I cannot STAND it! I'm sorry about her major fans out there but, I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga. If I think of other things I don't like I'm sure I'll post them eventually. Eventually, I would like to help children with special needs.
"Not Normal Alex" This is my blog, and I can tell you now I one of a kind. I'm full of blond moments, witty comments, and excitment! I'm writing this not only to give anyone who reads this a little inside look on my life but to express my feelings instead of keeping them bundled up, which I tend to do. So lets get this party started!
I ended up not going to school and had a fantastic Mother Daughter day! Though my mom left to pick up my great grandma from Bingo for a little, we had a whole day to bond. We went to dinner to Gator's Dockside, I love that place! I got wings and a great brownie desert with ice cream on top. If my taste buds could talk they would've been screaming from joy! Once we finished freezing to death(it was cold in there) and eating, we decided to go to TJ Max, so I could get a necklace for homecoming. We got side tracked by a HALLOWEEN COSTUME STORE! I love dressing up for halloween so i absolutely had to go in. Eventually my mom bought me a female Freddy Keruger outfit, it's amazing if I do say so myself.
Off to TJ Max we went! We found nothing. Soooo we stopped by Kohl's where I got my best friend, Skye, a silver bracelet with a pretty inscription. My mother also bought me a necklace that i can wear, not only for homecoming, but everyday! Its two hearts and says "Mother and Daughter. Friends Forever."
After I finished singing to country music in the car, we stopped by Ross for her and off, off, and AWAY to home we went! Where I am now finishing this blog. I think that's all for now, I'll keep ya posted. (:

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