Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's BLOG Time!

Second Post,
Today was a hard day to handle but things will look up, hopefully. "You're running a marathon, and the marathon is called life." My marathon seems to be uphill and in everlasting heat. Anytime I post something sad, or not so good, at the bottom I will put an ON THE BRIGHTSIDE part and that will help not only lift my spirts but make the post seem less depressing hopefully.
"You need help Alex."
Those are the words that were spoken to me today.
I have offically been diagnosed as Clinically Depressed, and now I will soon be going into therapy which I pray will help, and it should.

ON THE BRIGHTSIDE: Soon enough my problems wont be as bad, and going to therapy will defiantely help my state of mind.

So, Today:
I watched a little Jerry Springer before heading to the doctors office. While singing to Frank Sinatra we realized "OH! WRONG DOCTORS OFFICE!" We got an appointment at the office we were near and soon enough I was given the news stated above. Then after tears and deep talks, I went to Burlington Coat Factory where i got a new bathing suit, too bad summer is over! Right? Then off to KFC, where I got the bowl meal thingy, it's my "comfort food," Or so my mom says. Now I'm sitting at home watching RENT, I love this movie! I wish I could've seen it on Broadway :/ ANYWAY, I just finished talking to my dad on the phone and that helped some but not much. SIGH.

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