Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh yeah Baybay!

Ahhhhhhh, relaxation. Though the weekend was fun, I'm glad to say Sunday night is here. So I told you guys about my weekend plans. Lets recap: I went to a family reunion, Noah's(nephew) birthday party, and spent Saturday night and Sunday with Skye(one of my best friends).

The family reunion was packed with people I didnt know, but that was okay I still had fun. There was mostly a bunch of country people there and along with them there was an entire room full of food, yumm. I love me some good food. Anyway, I think the highlight of the entire family reunion was when a guy name Bubba...a very country guy named Bubba was running around shouting, "We lost the dumplins! Has anyone seen the dumplins!?" I was secretly laughing thunderously inside my head. Here are some pictures from the reunion...there is only two. I was busy eating and talking.


So Noah's party was a blast too! Skye came and we both had fun! We got there about a half hour late but that didn't matter much considering we stayed 'till almost eleven at night. When we first got there the boys were running around in the back with their black lab puppy Milo, they all seemed to be having fun but of course when i asked for a hug they all respond, "No," with a silly smile and then run away. We ate hot dogs and chips and Jenni (sister) made a delicious cake, though she said it involved 3 pounds of powdered sugar. Which was like "OMG!" oh well...I didnt eat it all. We eventually all just ended up laying around on the couches and floor. We watched some show on cats and then "The Dish" on the style channel...the men didnt seem to thrilled but hey, they survived. Skye and I were pooped so we decided we wanted to go home so we were taken to here house. Where I drew on a ballon, giving it names and a multipul personality disorder. On one side its a smart guy named Poppicock, the other a trashy woman named Betty-Joe, Skye came up with that name. Then today, Sunday, we watched Austin Powers, and that's where the blog title comes in because he says that ALL the time, and then we watched Titanic, a favorite of mine, ate chicken, then went for a walk. When I got back Skye's dad threw a bug at me which landed in my mouth, then I found out it was a cricket and I FREAKED out....but yeah that's about all that happened. (: Here are some pics I took of Skye and me and our ballon buddy.

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  1. Thanks for coming to the party, we had a blast! Look at you adding pics to posts already.