Monday, November 22, 2010

Tis the season...FOR TURKEY!

Ahhhh,'s just around the corner!
FUN FACT ABOUT ALEX!: Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday!
My family all gathers around, every member of my family shows up for this one holiday. that because they want free food?? Ha-ha. I never thought of that before. Anyway! I get to see their smiling faces, eat delicious food and pie that tickles my tastebuds.I get to watch a movie in the living room with each person squeezing together on a couch or using each other as pillows on the floor. My uncle doesn't make a comfortable the way. Usually Thanksgiving is held at my grandmas...that's all I've ever known. But this year, woah now, it's being held at my Uncle's house and I'm not sure how I feel about that. His house isn't as cozy, and home feeling, and whats the holidays if it's not cozzy feeling? But I'm sure the food will taste the same, the jokes will still be funny and the movie will still but a great family movie..but im pretty sure outdoor soccer session is out of the picture. That's my favorite part...darn!
Tis the season to put up ur tree...what!?! ALREADY!?
So during HALLOWEEN I saw Christmas things in the stores so this must not be too bad. But in my house...very unusual. My mom got bored a few hours ago and started putting up decorations for christmas. Wow! Usually this happens the week of christmas but now BEFORE THANKSGIVING!? I'm baffled...speechless...and my mom...she's.....CRAZY!

"Alex come help me with the tree!"
No mom...I will not help you with the tree. Not until I stuff my face with turkey on Thursday..and you have to give me time to recover from all that bloating caused by overeating...and you have to let me adjust to all the santa pillows on the couch now...why dont we just set up the tree the week of christmas! Ha-ha (: Nooo, I love my mom, and plus the house looks pretty now.
I love the glow of Christmas light...ahhhhhhhh

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