Monday, May 23, 2011

Its A Slip, Not A Fall.

I was at a graduation the other day and when all the adults that sit on stage make their speech usually I'm the first one to tune them out. But, not this time. One woman stood out, her name nor position in the school board do I remember but she said, "when you go through life, times will get hard but just tell yourself 'this is a slip, not a fall'" and that hit home for me. I have been going through hell, to say the least and I want to wake up every mornig (or in my case after noon) and be able to tell myself, "this isnt a fall. This is simply just a slip." I've been feeling stressed, and depressed and just like crap. I know go to a place called Kids House which I do counciling and Group Therapy, which I love.
So this is what you have missed:
- My mom and I really don't get along, at all. She has her moments. But lately, I just wake up feeling angry at her. It kills me inside but it is what it is.
- My step grandpa (who is really like my real grandpa)passed away, as well as my Aunt Pat. So death and I, we hate each other. I don't like to accept it and it likes to take away people that I love. Or that's how I feel.
- I get stressed as easily as A,B,C. I hate it. I had a mini panic attack recentally to where it was being to get difficult to breathe.
- I began one on one counciling at Kids House with Marisol. And Group Therapy with Mike and the girls who are in group. Leigh, Dezaray, Kelly, Hailey, Luisa, and Me.
- I have lost some weight. I have also grown out my hair.

I am sure there is much more that I have left out but that is the main things.

I recentally just went to a family reunion and my aunt took some real nice pics of me..